10 Celebrity Moms With Killer Snap Back Game

10 Celebrity Moms With Killer Snap Back Game

Stacey's Mom isn't the only one that has got it going on. 

Stifler's Mom isn't the only MILF in town.

These famous mother have such epic snap back games that even the young girls can't keep up. Take a look if you think you can handle the heat...

Chrissy Teigen

Legs for days! 

Kim Kardashian

The sunglasses give this reality TV queen that extra sizzle. 

Jennifer Lopez

Who said you can't wear heels at the pool?!


It's not that we're not ready for this jelly. It's that we're not worthy of this jelly.

Natalie Portman

That smolder makes us shiver in the good way.

Mila Kunis

Bow down bitches. That's how you make pants WERK!

Goldie Hawn

I saw Goldie Hawn drinking coconut water. So I drank coconut water. Also, she's literally a GRANDMOTHER! Well done Goldie. Well freakin' done.

Nicole Kidman

If this dress isn't fit for a queen, I don't know what is!

Angelina Jolie

Q: Is that the most beautiful Mama on earth?

A: Yup.

Britney Spears

It's Mom-ney bitch.

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