According To Spotify, This Is The Number One Song That People Listen To While Getting It On

According To Spotify, This Is The Number One Song That People Listen To While Getting It On
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Gimme a beat and put it in me!

But don't forget the beat before putting it in! Music is an important part of sex; it sets the mood, gives you a thrusting rhythm, drowns out the awkward bodily noises, etc. So then, the logical question is: what songs are best for fucking? Before we get to that, check out some of the top songs/artists across a variety of Spotify charts from 2016 and then, lastly but not least-ly, we'll share which song everybody puts on while getting it in!

Most Streamed EDM Artist: Chainsmokers

Am I the only one who thinks these guys are awfully overrated? Clearly, since everybody is fuckin' listening to them.

Most Streamed Country (New) Artist: Luke Bryan

That voice. That bod. That face. Luke Bryan is the full package. Anyone who disagrees must be both deaf and blind...or asexual. 

Most Streamed Sad Song: "Say Something"

The saddest part about this song is the fact that it's still listened to. And yes, that shade was intentional. 

Most Streamed Workout Song: " 'Till I Collapse"

I hear the opening to this song and immediately chastise myself for not rushing to the nearest treadmill. Eminem is a rapper, but he may as well start a new genre - epic gym tunes. I credit any level of fitness I've achieved in 2016 to Eminem. 

Most Streamed Party/Dance Song: "Uptown Funk"

Call me a hater, but Fleur East does this song better than Bruno Mars does. Sorry I'm not sorry Bruno. 

#1 Streamed Breakout Artist: ZAYN

Maybe the band was holding Zayn back. But that blonde hair has to go. I won't hear any arguments to the contrary. 

5th Most Streamed Artist Of 2016: Kanye West

In the future, people will ask, whose side were you on? Did you stand with Taylor Swift, the "innocent" country-turned-pop-star? Or, did you stand with Kanye West, the crazy, but actually talented, artist? Kim showed us the receipts y'all! If you're still #TeamTaylor...I honestly...I just cannot with you. #TeamKimye

4th Most Streamed Artist of 2016: Twenty One Pilots

There were only 2 good things about the flop that was Suicide Squad

1) Margot Robbie

2) The music

The rest has already been erased from my memory. 

3rd Most Streamed Artist of 2016: Rihanna

The only woman to crack the top 5 on Spotify, Rihanna had an epic 2016. Anti was amazing and "Work" should be the anthem of 2016. Do you disagree? Sorry, I can't hear your dissent over Rihanna's sexy vocals. 

2nd Most Streamed Artist of 2016: Justin Bieber

Bieber proved that it's never too late to show the world you're an incredible artist. Bravo Bieber. This was the year I became a true Belieber. And guess what? I'm fuckin' proud of it!

The MOST Streamed Artist of 2016: Drake

For the second year in a row, the smooth Canadian rapper topped the Spotify charts. His songs had nearly 5 billion streams; he beat his own record of 1.8 billion streams from 2015. He is Spotify's most streamed artist EVER with over 8.7 billion streams. 

You've waited. You've read. You've listened. But now let's get to the reason you came for (Rihanna/Calvin Harris reference anyone??). Here is the #1 song people had sex to on Spotify...

"SEX" by Cheat Codes x Kris Kross Amsterdam

After listening to this song, I'm immediately on Tinder hunting for know. ;-)

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