The Absolute Worst Thing About Every Sex Position

The Absolute Worst Thing About Every Sex Position

There are so many listicles out there about the benefits of each sex position: which is best for clitoral stimulation, how to properly get an anal orgasm, etc. Well screw that! Because guess what y'all? Sex isn't all fun and games. Anybody's whose had sex more than once knows that sometimes, the sex sucks (and not in the oral sucking way). Just plain old sucks. 

So what have we done here? We've taken a good hard look at each sex position and determined the WORST thing about it. Get ready to laugh. But more importantly, get ready to go, "I HAVE SO BEEN THERE BYOTCH!"

Missionary Position

This is the basic girl of sex positions. You may as well use a Pumpkin Spice Latte-flavored condom and wear UGGs while you fuck. This isn't a physically bad position. It's just so OVERDONE.

Also, he could drool on you. Don't ask me how I know. But he really could.

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