These Are The Most Awkward Pregnancy Photos Ever

These Are The Most Awkward Pregnancy Photos Ever

When you get pregnant, you have this moment where you think, My baby bod is gonna be so fuckin' hawt that even Demi Moore will be jealous.

Well, I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but few pregnancy photographs turn out like this. Why? Because not every pregnant mom has the budget Demi Moore had to stay in shape. And most pregnant women don't have access to star photographer Annie Leibovitz. 

But, just because you aren't gonna be on the cover of Vanity Fair doesn't mean you can't take an incredibly beautiful photo while pregnant. But who wants to see a gallery of gorgeous pregnancy photos? 

So here's a gallery of awkward AF pregnancy photos that will hopefully make you laugh. Also, hopefully none of these pics are of you. If they are, know we're laughing with you.

...we're not. 

I can only hope their baby becomes a dog person. 

I guess this awkward AF t-shirt is technically true...

Is he trying to get her pregnant again?! What's happening beneath the frame? Honestly, we don't want to know. 

I promise you this baby will grow up to hardcore HATE this pic. 

Ummmm.......... comment.

Admit it. You wish you were this clever when you were pregnant. 

Fuck you jerk! Unless it was a joke. But even if that was the case, what the fuck is with this photo?!

It's important to look at things from all points of view.

Couples that live together really do start to look like each other.

Awkward? Sure.

Funny? Absolutely.

Hot couple? YES.

I'm genuinely scared for all parties involved with this photograph. 

This looks like the cover of a porno. 

I'm guessing they felt the sonogram pic was too old-school. 

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