These Were The Top Baby Names Of 2016

These Were The Top Baby Names Of 2016
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One of the first decisions parents make is naming their child. But aren't you kind of curious what everyone else is naming their kid? Should you follow the trend or pull a Gwyneth Paltrow and name your kid after a freakin' fruit? It's a tough call, though please don't name your kid Apple. That's just weird as.

Let's count down the most popular baby names of 2016! 

Note 1: The following list is compiled from the list of "Most Popular Baby Names" from BabyCenter.

Note 2: The following Gifs/pics are randomly chosen. I do not know the names of the babies featured in them.


For the second year in a row, Sophia is the most popular girl's name. 


Once again, Jackson tops the list of most popular boy names. 


Anybody want to bet that parents chose this name because of Emma Watson? I'll wager $200!


That name is great. But what happens when friends want to shorten it? Would they call him "Aids?" Seriously, I can't be the only one who thought that. C'mon parents. Make it easier on your kids!


I feel like parents who name their kids "Lucas" secretly wanted to name their kids "Luke" because they're huge Star Wars nerds, but decided to change it slightly so the kid wouldn't seem dorky. I'm onto you sci-fi geeks!

Nancy, Dustin, Lucas, and Joyce

Lucas made the top 3 most popular names. But other "Stranger Kids" names saw a huge boost in popularity as well. Nancy is up 46%; Dustin is up 32%; and Joyce is up 23%. What new names will season 2 bring?

Carol, Hershel, and Walker

Both Carol and Hershel saw an increase in popularity, thanks in large part to The Walking Dead. But WTF is with parents naming their kids Walker?! That's the name of the flesh-eating zombies on the show. Ain't nobody got time for that kind of crazy.


Not only did Hillary Clinton win the popular vote (I'm still not letting go of that fact), but she also won the race for baby names, if there is such a thing. The name Hillary was up 64%! The name Donald barely saw an increase with a meager 5%. #StillWithHer

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