Pranking Your Kids: Mean Or Hilarious?

Pranking Kids
Jimmy Kimmel

A great prank treads the line between hilarious and downright mean. While watching an epic prank, a decent human being will experience both hilarity and guilt at said hilarity. But what happens when you throw kids into the mix? 

You don't want to laugh because they're just kids. Yet, you have to laugh because these pranks are so damn hilarious! It's such a moral conundrum. But enough of my opinions. Decide for yourself.

And The Award Goes To...

If trolling were an Olympic sport, these parents would have just won the gold medal.

Next Time Your Kids Watch Something They're Not Supposed To...

I probably would've died if my parents pulled something like this.

You May Think You're Cool...

...but your Dad's definitely cooler.

Always Open The Box Before You Get Excited...

iPhone or socks? Basically the same thing, right...?

You may think you're all grown up...

...but your Dad will remind you that you'll always be his little girl.

This Dad has no time for haters.

Even when the hater is his own son.

She's gonna be pissed at her Dad for making her promise this when she's older:

But at least she only wants to look!

SO passive aggressive!

If "dishwasher" shows up on the SAT, these kids will definitely get it right.

This Mom just WON birthdays!

I fell off my chair laughing.

And of course, the most epic, publicized prank of all time:

Favorite quote: "If I see no candy, you are in BIG trouble young lady!" (1:36)

Favorite quote: "Why didn't you eat something else...for Christ's sake?!" (2:10)

Favorite quote: "You can eat your healthy stuff 'cause you're fat." (3:37)

Favorite quote: FALLING DOWN! (1:25)

My one parenting goal is to make it onto one of these collections!

So what do you think? Mean? Hilarious? A little bit of both?

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