Can You Fool Your Body Into Not Wanting Carbs?

Unwanted Carbs
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Just because we're supposed to accept our bodies doesn't mean we shouldn't trick them! In fact, tricking your body may actually help you accept it. That's what London-based nutritionist, Lily Soutter, is suggesting. 


In an article with The Daily Mail, Soutter offers some techniques that you can use to fool your body into never craving carbs again!

1. Stop using food as a reward


Life isn't easy; we all deserve some indulgences every now and then. But why must those indulgences always be food? Sugar is a food (specifically, a carb), not a prize. Nourish your body with the fuel it needs. Reward your body with activities like mini-vacations, a massage, an hour without technology, or a serious Netflix binge. If you keep rewarding yourself with carbs, your body will continue to crave them. It's time to stop the vicious cycle!

2. Battle PMS with Vitamin B6


Feel like you need brownies during your period? You're not alone. During menstruation, a woman's serotonin- and dopamine-levels tend to dip. Get those levels back in check by eating foods rich in Vitamin B6, which will stimulate production of those neurotransmitters,  instead of reaching for the cookies. 

3. Pack in the PROTEIN


If your blood sugar is out of whack, your cravings will be all over the place. You'll be eating carbs you don't even like. Stabilizing blood sugar is possible if you get enough protein in your diet. Look to increase your lean protein intake with foods like egg whites, chicken, and tuna.

4. Cinnamon


Don't eat this plain! Remember the #CinnamonChallenge? 

That's def not the result you're looking for, though it does make for a great viral vid. What you're looking for is to hop off the carb-train, and sprinkling cinnamon on things like cereal and veggies can help you do exactly that. Cinnamon, like protein, is a blood-sugar stabilizer. Done and done!

5. Get onboard with Chromium supplements


According to the article,

"Evidence suggests that supplementation with chromium picolinate can help to reduce sugar and carbohydrate cravings."

Those are definitely two cravings we'd like to do without.

6. Sleep MORE

Obviously, getting more sleep is difficult, especially for a busy mom. But remember, you want to be the best mom you can be, which requires you to be healthy! By getting extra sleep, you're less likely to reach for carby snacks to supply you with the necessary energy to get through the day. A physically healthy mom is a fierce mom!

Who else is ready to trick their bodies for the better?!

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