Did Your Favorite Sex Position Make The List?

Did Your Favorite Sex Position Make The List?
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They say the sex is only as good as the sex position used. I don't know who "they" are, but "they" aren't wrong. Getting into a different sex position can totally alter the sexual experience. Ever have a night when you're doing it missionary and then your partner totally changes things up and you end up like: 


If you haven't had the night, you NEED to! 

Basically, sex positions matter. We all have our favorites. Or maybe your favorite depends on the person you're with. Perhaps you're into riding super buff guys. Or there's a chance you want to be on your knees doggy style 24/7. Whatever your preference, I applaud you. Here's where it gets fun though. Ever wonder what other people are into? Are your sexual habits with regards to sex position the same as your neighbor Betty's (or whatever your neighbor's name is)? Wonder no more because the results are in!

A little background: The fine folks at DrEd.com surveyed 2000 people living in the U.K. and U.S. about their favorite sex position. The following is a reporting of that data.

And the #1 most favorite sexual position is...


That's right! People love getting down on all 4's and going at it. There's some science to back up this love of position: doing it Doggy Style allows the penis to more deeply penetrate the vaginal canal. With added depth comes increased odds of hitting that G-spot. Everybody loves some nice G-spot stimulation!


Not too into doggy style? That's ok! Check out the other most favored positions:

Top Sexual Positions Overall

Missionary isn't too far behind Doggy Style. And Cowgirl comes in at a solid third. Cowgirl's great and all, but honestly, it feels like you're having to do all the work. I mean, you're letting him inside you. Can't he do the work for once?! Also, can we talk about Tabletop? I didn't even know that counted as a position. Is it the kitchen table? The dining room table? Does it matter? Do people ever fall off the table? I have SO MANY QUESTIONS! Clearly I'm not the only one. The survey also asked about which sex position people most wanted to try.

Everybody wants to get in on this Tabletop action! Also, there are a lot of ambitious, horny people out there. 69 is great, but 69 Standing Up? What if he drops you?! What if you drop him?! That just sounds like a trip to the Emergency Room waiting to happen. Also, a fair a number of people want to try Anal. What are you waiting for?! Grab some lube and give it a go. 

So what do you think? Was your favorite left off the list? Add it in the comments!

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