Here's A Morning Routine That's Fast And Furious In All The Right Ways

Morning Routine
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It seems no matter how early you wake up, the morning flies by, leaving you rushed, stressed, and an overall mess. 

(That's actually an artist's interpretation of what I look like before 10am. I thought it was a bit harsh, but that's artistic license for ya.)

Anyways, if your morning routine is setting you up for failure, it's time to for a major shakeup. Incorporate some, or all, of these changes to establish a more productive, winning self-readying process. 

1. Organize your closet by outfits

Do you tend to wear a certain pencil skirt with a particular blouse? Do those tights go perfectly with that dress? Spend Sunday evening organizing your outfits for the entire week. Make chic choices that would please even the great Tim Gunn:

Place planned outfits together in your closet so getting dressed in the morning involves no decision-making or searching.

2. Shower at night

If a shower wakes you up in the morning, then this step may not be for you. But if you can, try cleansing that sexy bod of yours the night before. Not only will it save you time, but taking a nighttime shower will help relax you before bed. Whatever you do, don't pull one of these:

That's gross. 

3. Make breakfast the night before

A delicious breakfast should be enjoyed in the early hours of the day, but that doesn't mean the labor required to prepare such a feast can't be done in the late hours of the evening. Check out these make-ahead recipes to start your morning off with a proper bite-to-eat. 

only take my success fat-free. 

4. Get caffeine in your system ASAP

Step 1: wake up. Step 2: pee if necessary. Step 3: DRINK CAFFEINE! Seriously y'all. Getting caffeine in your body stimulates your brain, revs up your metabolism, and increases energy levels. That's a 3-part recipe for a successful morning. 

Drink up!

5. Use a BB-cream that pulls quadruple duties

Instead of using 4 different makeup products, switch to a BB cream that:

  1. Tints
  2. Provides SPF protection from the sun
  3. Moisturizes
  4. Acts as a foundation

Makeup doesn't get more productive than that!

Yes you are Lady BB Cream.

6. Wake up to a different, motivating song each morning

Don't just play the same song every morning. You'll get sick of it faster than you can say:

Choose a new song each night to wake up to. On Thursdays for #TBT, I always pick a 90s throwback. It's quickly become my favorite day of the week!

What are some of your secrets for a super productive morning?
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