Nose Hair Removal Is The New Pimple Popping And We're Obsessed Already

man plucking nose hair in front of mirror
Getty Images

No matter what you're into, the Internet delivers. It could be satisfying pimple-popping.

Or earwax removal.

Or even ingrown hair removal!

Seriously, the internet has it all! Humans just love seeing things get removed. Perhaps it makes us feel cleaner and purer. Whatever the reason, it drives us to keep consuming these seemingly gross, yet surprisingly delightful procedures. Today's video topic: NOSE HAIR REMOVAL!


First things first, a safety warning: The noses in your hair are important as they help filter out and block foreign particle from slipping into your nasal cavity. If you are going to have nose hair removed, make sure it's only he frontal-most hairs and the removal is done by a knowledgeable professional. Now grab the popcorn and feast your eyes out on this spectacular nose hair removal!

OVER 7 MILLION VIEWS! Some TV shows don't even get that many viewers. America is OBSESSED with this stuff. And honestly, we're fine with it. Screw it. We're obsessed with it too. Now excuse me while I go ask my waxer if he'll remove my nasal hairs. Care to join me?

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