This Guy's "One Dance" Mashup Is Seriously UNBELIEVABLE

One Dance Mashup
@alexaiono on Instagram

Y'all are gonna have to take a seat, because this beat is sick!

Ok. So y'all have heard of Drake's smash hit "One Dance," right?

Pretty epic. Smooth beats and effortless rhymes. Drake's one-of-a-kind.


There's this dude named Alex Aiono who may give Drake a run for his money. Fine. That's a bit extreme. No one's coming close to Drake. But Alex is AH-MAZING! Check out his "One Dance" mashup.

Beautiful voice and a sexy face. My facial expression is still frozen:

When he starts singing in Spanish, I go:

I don't even need a ring. Just that swoon-worthy voice and handsome face.


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