10 Times Jillian Michaels Inspired Us To Work Harder

Jillian Micheals Inspiring Quotes

She may be the Queen of Mean, and she certainly terrifies, but ultimately, there's no one who does tough love quite like Jillian Michaels. She's trained hundreds of people, both on and off The Biggest Loser. She yells and screams, but at the end of the day, she gets results. For those of you who need some fired-up motivation, Jillian's definitely got you covered. 

When she showed us that nothing will stop you from starting a healthier lifestyle...

...not even a bit of vomit. 

When she yelled the words we needed to hear:

It's called work for a reason. It won't always be fun. (Gif source)

When she reminded us that fear is temporary:

Get to the gym today and live without regret tomorrow. (Image source)

When she awoke our inner warriors:

We stand with Jillian, fighting for our healthier, better selves. (Gif source)

When she reminded us the power of yelling and believing in yourself:

Yelling isn't always the answer...unless you're Jillian Michaels.

When you've got one more mile to run, and you think you don't have it in you:

If Jillian says we can, then we can! (Gif source)

When she forbade us from saying "we can't":

Because we can! (Image source)

When she returned to the competition leading a tribe of rejected warriors:


When she loudly reminded us that today is a day to be better than yesterday:

Are YOU ready to work?

When she told us to stop procrastinating...

...and to start working. (Image source)

We love you Jillian!

We'd never mess with you. (Gif source)

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