6 Tips For Lazy People Who Want To Be Healthy Without Even Trying

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Perhaps you've heard, we're all supposed to be making healthier choices. Whether it's Jillian Michaels yelling at us onscreen or Oprah doing another Weight Watchers commercial, everybody is looking to be the healthiest they can be. I'm down to get to lead a fitter, more well-rounded lifestyle, but here's the problem: I'm lazy. Getting up before 9am pains my soul. Having to cook foods besides cereal makes me groan. Putting on gym clothes requires a warmup. I'm that lazy. But guess what? Being lazy doesn't mean you have to be unhealthy. Not with these incredible hacks that will transform any lazy person into a healthy person without him/her even noticing!

1. Choose a TV series to Netflix and Tread

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Pick a series with at least 3 seasons. I chose The X Files (10 seasons). Make sure it's a show that you're super stoked to start Watch the pilot episode at home, and, if at the end of the episode all you want to do is watch the next one, you've made the right choice. But, DO NOT CLICK on the "Next Episode." Sign out of Netflix immediately. Here's the rule: you have to finish the entire series, every single episode, on the treadmill. You cannot watch them sitting or lying down. You must be walking, jogging, running, or sprinting in order to watch any of your new favorite show. I'm at the point now where I'm running to the treadmill just to get there faster and find out what happens next! Netflix and Tread y'all!

2. Eat your veggies first

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Fill up about a half of your lunch and dinner plates with vegetables. They can be any vegetables (french fries don't count) and they go on the plate with whatever else you're eating. Even if you're out having a burger and fries, add a side of veggies! You need the micro-nutrients vegetables have to offer, and by eating them first, you can better gauge your hunger as you dig into that burger. 

3. Snack Prep

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Some people advocate meal prepping, but in my limited experience (I tried it once), it's simply too time consuming and requires an insane amount of advanced planning. But snack prep is something we can all do. On Sunday before the week starts, prepare some snacks that you can grab and go when life gets hectic during the week. Put some carrots in Ziploc bags. Slice up some cheese and place it in a small tupperware with your favorite crackers. Portion out some almond butter for your apples. Need some more ideas? Check out this comprehensive list of easy-to-prepare snacks!

4. Do 5 pushups and 10 sit-ups every morning right before you pee

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If you train yourself to hold your bladder until after you complete this little bit of exercise, it will eventually feel like more of a relief workout than a tough workout. You'll get strong. You'll feel awake. You'll get your blood flowing. And when it's all done, you'll get to pee!

5. Have a water bottle on you at all times

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Buy a trendy, reusable water bottle to help save the planet and all. Just be sure you're drinking water throughout the day. As a country, we are so dehydrated. When in doubt, take a swig of refreshing H2O. Feeling bored of water? Try adding some lemon or lime slices to your water to give it some flair and detoxing powers. 

6. Sleep in your workout clothes

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Remember those pushups and sit-ups you're supposed to do before you pee in the morning? They'll be a lot easier to do if you wake up already in your fitness gear. And maybe, after you use the restroom, you'll think, "Well, I'm already dressed for it. May as well go for a run." 

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