Our 7 Dream Movie Boyfriends

Dream Movie Boyfriends A-Walk-To-Remember twilight Pirates-of-the-Caribbean

You know what sucks about watching romance films? You find out those types of guys seem to only exist in movies. Is it too much to ask a guy to write us a letter every day like in The Notebook? Why can't a guy come to our door and hold up a sign telling us we're perfect like in Love Actually? It's not like we're asking that much! Well maybe we are, but still... 

Until the men in your life buckle down and evolve into something worthy of an epic romance film, here's a list of movie boyfriends you can pretend you're in a relationship with.

1. Noah Calhoun from "The Notebook"

We swooned when we saw this Gif on: Teen.com

He builds her a house. He kisses her in the rain and we know it's a kiss she'll never forget. He wrote down the entire story of how they met! And even in their older age, they still love each other as fiercely as they did in their youth. If Ryan Gosling builds you a house, you live in that house happily ever after.

We want our marriage to look this Gif we found at: MUCH

2. John Smith from "Mr. and Mrs. Smith"


Source: Instagram.

So, we're not super supportive of the whole being an assassin part, but we're willing to date him if he looks like Brad Pitt. You can't deny how hot this film is; even when they're shooting each other up it's like 1000 degrees hotter than anything in real life.  

This GIF we saw on SheKnows is hot hot hot!

3. Landon Carter from "A Walk To Remember"


Source: Instagram

We hate him at first. He's a rebel who seems heartless. But when he meets Jamie, our hearts start to melt. Sure he's handsome and all, but what gets us is how he changes when he meets the girl of his dreams. He becomes braver and cares not what others think. He even builds a telescope for her (if you don't get the reference, stop reading now and go watch this movie. Bring a box of tissues. YOU'LL NEED IT!). Now that's a man we're willing to call our boyfriend. 

Our hearts warmed when we found this Gif at: GIPHY.

4. Will Turner from "Pirates of the Caribbean"


Source: Instagram.

We'll date anyone who fights with a sword for us. And if he looks like Orlando Bloom, we'll marry him tomorrow. Will Turner is honorable who feels a love so true that it takes him to the ends of the earth. When he defiantly utters, "I'd die for her," we believe him (source). Wouldn't that be nice? A dude totally willing to give up everything and die for us? 

We hope someone will say for us what Will said for Elizabeth in this Gif from: WiffleGif.

5. Patrick Verona from "10 Things I Hate About You"

We found this dreamy gif here

Don't even get us started on Heath Ledger (may he rest in peace)! Between the bad-boy vibes and that ending scene where he buys her a guitar (SWOON) with the money he got from "dating" her, Patrick has secured a place in our hearts as the bad-boy turned good we'll always be in love with. 

We fell in love this Heath's smile in this gif we found here.

6. Edward Cullen from "Twilight"

This Gif we saw on GIPHY makes us want to kiss a vampire.

Love or hate these movies, you have to admit that Edward Cullen is quite dreamy. Sure, he's 100-years-old and needs to drink animal blood to stay alive, but other than that, he's one hot hunk. Plus, he loves Bella so deeply. We're willing to overlook all that vampire stuff if we get to experience that kind of love, especially if it's with Robert Pattinson.

We'd say "yes!" We can't stop longingly staring at this Gif we found at: GIPHY.

7. Jack Dawson from "Titanic"

This Gif we saw on tinypic is one of our favorites. 

We want to find love in a hopeless place like Jack and Rose did in this Gif from: Facebook.

We tried to change our last names to "Dawson" just like Rose did after seeing this film. Seriously. We're still waiting to see if our application got accepted. 

We definitely teared up at this Gif from: rebloggy.

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