Stop What You're Doing & Watch These Pop-tastic Versions Of Your Favorite Disney Stories

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todrickhall on YouTube

There's nothing quite like the Disney soundtracks to make you nostalgic for childhood. Hearing your favorite tune just warms your heart and make you wanna:

I can't be the only one guilty of belting out "Part of Your World" in the shower (I feel like this is the best place to do so, since you can pretend you're actually underwater). If you've ever found yourself randomly humming "Beauty and the Beast," then you will fall in love with Mr. Todrick Hall!

After making it to the semi-finals of "American Idol" in 2010, Hall went on to be a Broadway and YouTube performer. To date, his videos have generated over 100 million views! What does he make videos of? All kinds of sh*t, but his specialty is reimagining our favorite Disney tunes and stories with a pop music twist. Get ready! I'm about to change your life with these insane vids from WERK-in man, Todrick Hall!

There are a few things there that weren't in the original: Beauty and the Beat

And we're loving all of them!

This tale is more modern, and not so old as time: Beauty and the Beat Boots.

RuPaul just slaying as always! And no big deal that Lance Bass shows up. YASSS!

When Disney ladies go to jail in "Chicago": Spell Block Tango

We see you Amber Riley, aka Mercedes from "Glee"!!

Nicki Minaj has one more crazy alternate personality: Mickey Minaj

Carpets were meant to fly!

This is what happens when Katy Perry goes to Neverland: Peter Perry

Is it just me, or does this work perfectly?

If Beyoncé had been the girl with a fairy godmother: Cinderonce

A dream that my heart wished just came true. 

These dwarves aren't messing around: Snow White and the Seven Thugs

Don't you feel like Snow White would be super into Iggy Azalea?

Looks like Alice fell down a way more fun rabbit hole: Alice in WeHo Land

Now THIS Wonderland looks like a PAR-TAY!

Back to Wonderland, but this time, things get really Swift-y: Taylor in Wonderland

MADDIE ZIEGLER!!! Nothing more needs to be said.

And last but not least, my personal favorite. You will be wanting to watch this ONE MORE TIME: Britney and the Beast

...ok maybe like 10 more times. But I had to make a Britney ref!

Which Disney tales do you want Todrick to cover?! I'm waiting for a "Frozen" meets Sia mashup.

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