The '90s Are Back! Lisa Frank Clothes Your Closet Desperately Needs

Lisa Frank Clothes Wardrobe Makeover
RageOn!; Lisa Frank

If you've never been in love with Lisa Frank, then you were never a '90s girl. Plain and simple. 

Every girl in the '90s had all things Lisa Frank. From lunch-boxes,

to backpacks, 

to folders,

and more, Lisa Frank was stamped on every trendy school supply. Even today, people still LOVE the colorful designs. One lady got a full sleeve tattoo!

That's dedication. But guess what '90s lovers? Lisa Frank is making a comeback, but this time, on clothing!

I know right?! Breathe life into your inner-'90s girls with these fabulous fashion statements, all available through Lisa Frank at RageOn!

Unicorn Crop Top

You're only as magical as the unicorn on your colorful crop top. 

Hunter Laying T-Shirt

How adorable is this cheetah? Or leopard? Who knows?! But more importantly, who cares?! This tee is 90s perfection.

Character Collage Tank Top

If you wear this on your first day at college, you'll be the coolest girl on campus. If anyone asks you who Lisa Frank is, vow never to speak to them again!

Kitten Roses v2 Leggings

These leggings work for everything. Working out. Doing homework. Even a first date with a cool guy. Why would you ever date a dude who's not into Lisa Frank?!

Not good at all.

Lips T-Shirt

If you're not into my Lisa Frank lips t-shirt, you'll never kiss my actual lips. 

Dolphins Crop Top

Dolphins are one of the smartest animals in the world, which means that anyone who sports a dolphin crop top is one of the smartest dressers in the world. 

Unicorn Rainbows Sweatshirt

The only thing that can make a unicorn more magical is to add a bunch of color rainbows. This is the perfect sweatshirt to brighten up the coldest winter days.

Unimoon Leggings

Who cares about the cow jumping over the moon? There's a freakin' unicorn FLYING over the moon. Lisa Frank clearly knows how to improve lame nursery rhymes.

Is your '90s thirst quenched yet?!

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