YASSS Hunni! Cher Tells It Like It Is!

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To some, she's Goddess of the Gays.

To others, she's the Titan of Twitter.

But to all, diva extraordinaire Cher is a TELLER OF TRUTHS! Maybe it's because she's been around since like...forever. Maybe it's because she wakes up every morning and shouts IDGAF! Whatever the reason, Cher lives her truth loud and proud, which brings me to this epic interview.

Let's break this down. First, Cher's face hearing her own words is PRICELESS!

Cher's inner monologue: Spit it out bitch. I know what I said.

THEN, when she's asked if she meant to sound "mean and bitter" by the totally basic interviewer, Cher quickly cracked a smile.

On this statement, Cher and I can totally agree (exception: I like my desserts gluten free. I'm less picky about my men).

And then this truth bomb is detonated:

Let's take a moment to get serious here. What Cher points out in this hilarious interview is that you can totally want to have a man, want to spend time with one, want to do the nasty with one or many men, BUT the fact will always remain that you don't NEED a man. You are alive because of you. You make choices because you want to. You do you. (Clearly I'd been dying to say that last one). 

Have all the men you want. Have all the dessert you want. It's 2016 ladies. Grab a fork or a (insert favorite male body part here) and dig in. But always remember...

This is Cher's world, and we're all just living in it.


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